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Cultural events, celebrations, city festivals

We will organize city and village events for every occasion. Feel free to contact us – based on your requirements, we will prepare the best experience for everyone involved.

Fencing performances

Our fencing performances include shows from the times of knights and the Thirty Years’ War. You can also enjoy performances from pirate and fairytale settings. Some of the performances are performed by spoken words, while some of them are accompanied just by music so you can pick the best option for your event.


We have been interested in musketeers for years now. Do you know what equipment musketeers had and what skills and knowledge did they have to possess to be able to fire from the musket? We offer educational and entertaining performances where everything will be shown and explained.


Does your company or association need a little bonding? We will prepare activities that will challenge your skills and show true leaders among your group.
You can be sure we will put great effort into making your adventure entertaining and fitting your purpose, whether it will be a game with a specific theme or an expedition.


Come with us to the medieval times and explore torture. We have a fully equipped, portable torture chamber, and our executioner cannot wait to meet you. Our offer includes a staged performance or an educational lecture on the topic of torture. This unique experience will certainly make your blood run cold.


No matter how small or big it is – our fire show will literally light up your event. Our fire show is suitable as a part of a program in the early evening, or as a grand finale of your event. Everything will be arranged according to your wishes, including the topic and the length of the show and pyro effects used.


Do you want your special day to be even more special? We are at your disposal at castles, palaces, and other places. We offer guard of honor, honorary salvo, and the newly wed pair can even fire from a cannon. If there is something you would like to have at your weddings, feel free to tell us. Together, we will find the best way to make everything happen. 

Historical crafts

We can bring various historical crafts to fairs, castles, cities and villages. You will be shown how the crafts worked and you will also be able to try some of them. Our offer includes historical kitchen, weavers, smiths, potters, and more. If needed, we will gladly find more crafts for you.

Professional sound system

It is said that what you hear is as important as what you see. There is a lot that can go wrong – you cannot hear the host, music is to loud, and microphones are making that annoying hissing sound. We offer a professional sound system for your event. With the help of the latest equipment, our sound engineer will bring life even to the smallest events.


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